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Mutual Fund Yearbook is now the Best Funds book

The all-in-one guide to mutual fund investing is back in a new avatar. Find out what's on offer

Here it is, in an all-new avatar, Glade Guides's most comprehensive, all-in-one guide to choosing the best funds to build your investment portfolio. Best Funds for Income, Growth and Short-Term Goals, which incorporates Mutual Fund Yearbook 2018, can be ordered at a special, limited period, pre-publication discount. Order it today and get a discount of Rs 100 on both the print and digital editions.

This simple, one-step way of becoming an expert mutual fund investor is a unique and invaluable guide to investing, a complete package which gives you all the inputs you need to build a portfolio suited to your needs:

  • A set of hand-picked funds analysed by Glade Guides analysts to build your investment portfolio.
  • Select funds based on your risk tolerance and investment goal.
  • Verify the performance of your existing funds and of new funds that you may wish to invest in.
  • Learn to build a winning portfolio depending on your financial goals
  • Tune different portfolio for different financial goals.
  • See how to monitor and analyse the progress made by your investments.

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