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Fund Manager's View

Abhijeet Dey, Fund Manager, BNP Paribas Dividend Yield Fund says, we have been overweight on financials and materials now for more than a year |
'Our fund management philosophy does not include taking significant cash calls and trying to time the market,' says Rupesh Patel, fund manager, Tata India Tax Savings Fund |
Ashwani Kumar, fund manager, Reliance Tax Saver says, we avoid companies with fractured balance sheets and high valuations without strong fundamentals |
'Our approach is to be patient with the companies we invest in and we invest a high proportion in young companies so that we can benefit from their growth,' says Vinay Paharia, fund manager, Invesco India Tax Plan Fund |
The fund remains sector agnostic but has prudent limits on exposure to single sector,' says Lakshmikanth Reddy, fund manager, Franklin India Taxshield Fund |
'The fund follows diversified active portfolio management approach and has no bias towards any style or theme,' says Rohit Singhal, fund manager, DSPBR Tax Saver Fund |
'The fund focuses on sustainable quality companies and looks to avoid buying companies that have excessive business uncertainty on account of cyclical, regulatory, political risks,' says Jinesh Gopani, fund manager, Axis Long Term Equity Fund |
'Integration of environmental, social & governance factors into investment analysis and portfolio construction is practiced on a regular basis,' says Ajay Garg, fund manager, ABSL Tax Relief 96 Fund |
Mrinal Singh, fields questions about ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund and explains why the fund remains promising |
'A stock typically needs to have an attractive earnings growth trajectory over at least a 3-year investment horizon,' says Anup Upadhyay, fund manager, SBI Magnum Multicap Fund |
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