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Market Update
Nifty 50
10,316.45 | -282.80
Nifty Next 50
25,903.25 | -635.90
Nifty 200
5,421.00 | -146.45
Nifty 500
8,624.95 | -229.90
Nifty FF Mid 100
16,299.75 | -436.75
Nifty FF Small 100
5,911.65 | -147.80
3.59 PM | Oct 05, 2018

Find out the performance rank of funds over different periods.

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Chg % Chg % Chg % Chg % Chg % Chg % Chg % Chg % Chg % NAV/Price
Larsen & Toubro
Reliance Industries
State Bank of India
Tata Consultancy Services
Aditya Birla SL Frontline Equity-G
Franklin India Equity-G
HDFC Equity-G
ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage-G
UTI Equity Reg-G
Stock prices as on Oct 05, 15:59
NAVs as on Oct 04, 2018
Definitions of SEBI fund categories
Fund Category Returns Short Term Long Term
groupFund CategorySortOrder1-W1-M3-M1-Y3-Y5-Y10-Y
Equity Equity: Large Cap 100-3.36-8.38-
Equity Equity: Large & MidCap 101-3.66-9.92-4.68-2.939.7118.3313.98
Equity Equity: Multi Cap 102-3.28-9.36-4.44-0.649.5717.5814.32
Equity Equity: Mid Cap 103-4.00-11.68-7.49-6.788.0922.6416.87
Equity Equity: Small Cap 104-4.15-12.50-9.38-9.609.9124.1116.21
Equity Equity: Value Oriented 105-3.25-8.66-4.77-2.189.9719.3116.07
Equity Equity: ELSS 106-3.56-9.52-4.70-1.539.2317.3113.62
Equity|Sector Equity: Sectoral-Banking 107-1.16-11.77-6.73-4.449.7316.1313.29
Equity|Sector Equity: Sectoral-Infrastructure 109-3.94-10.64-6.50-11.356.0716.588.09
Equity|Sector Equity: Sectoral-Pharma 110-3.99-5.963.526.29-4.1612.3517.44
Equity|Sector Equity: Sectoral-Technology 111-2.12-4.155.5846.7012.1217.0917.10
Equity|Sector Equity: International 1180.243.246.7813.0313.366.316.24
Debt Debt: Long Duration 119-1.04-0.02-0.07-0.836.198.488.22
Debt Debt: Medium Duration 1210.00-0.280.683.356.888.277.71
Debt Debt: Short Duration 1220.10-
Debt Debt: Ultra Short Duration 1240.16-
Debt Debt: Liquid 1250.140.251.436.626.947.727.71
Debt Debt: Dynamic Bond 128-
Debt Debt: Corporate Bond 1290.05-0.270.783.176.457.677.54
Debt Debt: Credit Risk 1300.03-0.470.664.067.458.597.96
Hybrid Hybrid: Aggressive Hybrid 136-2.41-6.82-2.860.488.6714.9212.55
Hybrid Hybrid: Balanced Hybrid 137-2.34-5.94-2.37-0.237.0811.4910.01
Hybrid Hybrid: Conservative Hybrid 139-0.87-2.54-0.910.836.589.559.11
Hybrid Hybrid: Equity Savings 140-1.17-2.99-0.942.016.67----
Data as on Oct 4, 2018
Index Returns Short Term Long Term
group Index SortOrder 1-D 1-W 1-M 3-M 1-Y 3-Y 5-Y 10-Y
NSE NIFTY CPSE Index-9.37-11.69-12.78-8.29-20.64-0.14----
NSE NIFTY 50 Index100-2.67-6.02-10.45-
NSE NIFTY IT Index11000.97-2.66-2.8510.3747.779.4813.2817.49
NSE NIFTY Next 50 Index-2.40-6.27-13.87-7.86-7.049.4117.5415.95
NSE NIFTY Bank800-1.51-2.39-10.89-7.531.3712.4819.0815.47
NSE NIFTY Midcap 100 Index300-2.61-6.91-15.66-10.71-10.727.8017.8613.00
NSE NIFTY 500 Index-2.60-6.27-12.04-6.19-0.948.9913.8011.18
NSE NIFTY FMCG Index1000-2.64-6.02-11.35-4.2411.0011.659.6517.60
NSE NIFTY MNC Index1900-2.53-5.51-11.13-11.34-2.6810.2417.1515.78
NSE NIFTY Service Sector Index2200-1.42-2.98-9.40-4.128.4510.3114.7012.06
NSE NIFTY Energy Index900-7.97-15.40-14.82-0.710.8920.0811.69--
NSE NIFTY Pharma Index1400-0.87-5.40-6.451.571.86-10.065.0212.65
NSE NIFTY Infrastructure Index1800-2.54-6.57-11.74-7.03-
NSE NIFTY Realty Index1500-2.73-9.43-22.10-22.52-24.175.805.50--
NSE NIFTY PSU Bank Index2100-4.38-2.50-16.14-3.97-12.61-4.743.732.40
NSE NIFTY Smallcap 100 Index500-2.44-8.78-20.69-18.03-23.074.0615.798.19
NSE NIFTY PSE Index2000-8.05-10.94-11.60-7.48-21.682.035.161.44
NSE NIFTY India Consumption Index-2.48-7.79-13.61-11.720.939.0712.4113.54
NSE NIFTY Auto Index700-3.17-9.17-17.10-18.32-18.484.8412.7619.11
NSE NIFTY Metal Index1300-3.57-6.13-3.932.20-3.9927.649.774.16
NSE NIFTY 200 Index-2.63-6.15-11.49-5.460.789.0213.1310.99
NSE NIFTY Media Index1200-3.63-4.86-14.35-21.24-20.76-0.577.426.59
NSE NIFTY Commodities Index1600-6.18-10.68-10.70-2.92-11.7213.769.345.53
NSE NIFTY Financial Services Index-2.53-2.93-11.32-7.282.1613.3918.5615.55
NSE NIFTY Dividend Opportunities 50 Index1700-3.03-6.11-8.44-2.892.2810.7010.58--
Data as on Oct 05, 16:00