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36,139.98 | 341.97
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11,083.70 | 117.50
BSE 100
11,547.46 | 112.80
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4,880.57 | 46.00
BSE 500
15,619.31 | 135.95
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31,628.30 | 223.70
4.15 PM | Jan 23, 2018

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If you want to keep a tab on the authentications that are happening on your Aadhaar, you can do so by going to the UIDAI website
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Larsen & Toubro
Reliance Industries
State Bank of India
Tata Consultancy Services
Aditya Birla SL Frontline Equity-G
Franklin India Prima Plus-G
HDFC Equity-G
ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage-G
UTI Equity-G
Stock prices as on Jan 23, 15:14
NAVs as on Jan 22, 2018
Fund Category Returns Short Term Long Term
groupFund CategorySortOrder1-W1-M3-M1-Y3-Y5-Y10-Y
Commodities Gold: Funds 2300-0.144.650.571.100.75-2.079.30
Debt Debt: Credit Opportunities 19500.080.441.017.138.919.387.86
Debt Debt: Dynamic Bond 20500.04-0.13-0.492.646.978.017.68
Debt Debt: Gilt Medium & Long Term 22000.01-0.56-1.841.177.148.317.77
Debt Debt: Gilt Short Term 21000.100.210.555.387.868.627.06
Debt Debt: Income 20000.030.04-
Debt Debt: Liquid 17000.120.541.596.407.338.027.68
Debt Debt: Short Term 19000.070.360.745.877.868.428.38
Debt Debt: Ultra Short Term 18000.080.461.366.257.688.318.00
Equity Equity: Large Cap 1001.333.327.3531.419.8315.169.70
Equity Equity: Mid Cap 300-1.161.5410.0738.7816.5124.4513.92
Equity Equity: Multi Cap 2000.062.389.3236.5013.1818.3411.66
Equity Equity: Small Cap 400-2.092.4615.1450.1522.2331.6614.58
Equity Equity: Tax Saving 500-
Equity|Sector Equity: Banking 8001.713.069.6939.069.2913.6210.16
Equity|Sector Equity: FMCG 9000.704.4517.8954.3519.3420.8323.67
Equity|Sector Equity: Infrastructure 700-1.351.3212.5041.4513.9018.185.68
Equity|Sector Equity: International 6002.096.919.2729.2313.9415.3710.13
Equity|Sector Equity: Pharma 10000.592.437.176.412.9916.7117.62
Equity|Sector Equity: Technology 11006.1211.3821.7031.845.2817.3711.41
Hybrid Hybrid: Arbitrage 16000.120.501.576.006.837.507.12
Hybrid Hybrid: Asset Allocation 15000.391.353.4315.808.3911.83--
Hybrid Hybrid: Debt-oriented Aggressive 13000.010.943.4514.629.1012.098.88
Hybrid Hybrid: Debt-oriented Conservative 1400-0.000.551.989.708.329.848.75
Hybrid Hybrid: Equity-oriented 12000.191.755.4823.1410.5516.3710.84
Data as on Jan 22, 2018
Index Returns Short Term Long Term
group Index SortOrder 1-D 1-W 1-M 3-M 1-Y 3-Y 5-Y 10-Y
BSE S&P BSE Telecom11500.30-4.17-2.74-1.2235.942.665.61-3.09
BSE S&P BSE Sensex2000.963.726.4811.5833.367.5912.578.00
BSE S&P BSE Oil & Gas9501.930.16-1.362.3929.9618.0711.045.01
BSE S&P BSE Mid Cap4001.13-0.282.8712.4543.2419.0320.569.63
BSE S&P BSE Small Cap6000.22-1.973.4815.0453.4519.6921.846.95
BSE S&P BSE IPO2300-0.72-1.764.605.6343.5918.0921.46--
NSE Nifty 50 Index1001.073.195.639.2432.448.1412.868.50
NSE Nifty IT Index11001.198.8113.4519.8228.523.2614.1113.64
NSE Nifty Bank8001.295.076.7914.0845.0911.1816.8312.16
NSE Nifty Free Float Midcap 100 Index3001.040.164.3115.6643.3318.6820.6112.22
NSE Nifty FMCG Index10000.562.173.948.5328.0210.3113.3918.10
NSE Nifty MNC Index19001.090.181.4910.6245.6315.3821.4015.72
NSE Nifty Service Sector Index22000.994.397.1012.2239.159.0614.809.54
NSE Nifty Energy Index9001.301.291.654.4139.8718.8210.75--
NSE Nifty Pharma Index14001.171.114.731.81-5.20-5.3110.5014.44
NSE Nifty Infrastructure Index18000.320.462.498.7930.134.707.21--
NSE Nifty Realty Index15000.66-2.896.9224.0499.7618.063.56--
NSE Nifty PSU Bank Index21003.975.110.3230.2225.81-4.300.403.29
NSE Nifty Free Float Smallcap 100 Index5000.30-2.005.1516.3751.0319.4920.068.34
NSE Nifty PSE Index20001.43-1.24-0.892.6110.316.136.482.76
NSE Nifty Auto Index7000.30-0.58-1.725.5621.939.8519.8420.09
NSE Nifty Metal Index13004.07-0.648.599.1441.7317.308.330.74
NSE Nifty Media Index1200-0.25-2.563.0120.6030.9313.7414.725.46
NSE Nifty Commodities Index16001.77-0.642.524.9729.9514.969.955.19
NSE Nifty Div Opps 50 Index17001.242.734.557.6926.457.789.26--
Data as on Jan 23, 16:15