Synertek Colostral Hair Regrowth Serum


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Synertek Colostral Hair Regrowth Serum Description

Synertek’s hair regrowth serum contains all natural, expensive and effective ingredients, including Synertek 1st six hour colostrum*. Colostrum is commonly known as first milk and is produced by the mammary glands of all mammals including humans. It contains a complete, balanced array of the growth factors our bodies produce in abundance when young, and less as we age. By the time we are 35 most of us produce only a third to a half the quantity of growth factors as before, and typically 35 is around the age when we first notice our hair thinning, which is not a coincidence. That is why Synertek’s super-penetrating growth factor formula works. Apply to scalp nightly or occasionally to supplement the regrowth benefits of Synertek colostral hair regrowth shampoo. 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. *Colostrum from bovine, which is virtually identical to human colostrum.

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