Miracle Anti-Aging Hair and Scalp Serum


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Miracle Anti-Aging Hair and Scalp Serum Description

Miracle Anti-Aging conditioner is a natural, age-defying salon formulation that thoroughly conditions hair and scalp plus creates the optimal environment for hair follicle growth cycles. Miracle anti-aging conditioner contains a luxurious blend of liposomes, 12 amino acids and vitamins E, C, A F and B5 and the breakthrough natural protein, extract, to stimulate hair repair. It is shown in studies to stimulate hair vitality, strengthen hair fiber, enhance follicle growth cycles through the expression of protein markers P63, KI67 and phosphor histone-3 which are linked to hair growth and hair follicle renewal. Miracle anti-aging conditioner with targets cell adhesion and hair elongation after 14 days of use.

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