Martial Vivot Conditioner 7.3 oz


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Benefits: ORGANIC ALOE-BASED FORMULA – Nourishes and hydrates Easy rinseability, prevents product build up. VITAMIN B COMPLEX – Invigorates to densify and strengthen the hair Promotes healthy hair growth, Inhibits graying, and Conditions and smooths for optimum finish. VITAMIN C – Antioxidant properties. Energizes scalp for healthy hair growth and Balances sebum. Inhibits dandruff. AMINO ACID COMPLEX, QUINOA & BAMBOO – Improves color retention and Repairs hair shaft. Improves luster, shine and manageability. Strengthens and moisturizes PLANT OIL BLEND – EFAS – Conditions, restores and replenishes. Nourishes and hydrates. Improves luster, shine and manageability LOQUAT LEAF EXTRACT – Promotes healthy hair growth COENZYME Q10 – Antioxidant properties and Promotes healthy hair growth MINERAL COMPLEX – Energizes the scalp and Inhibits graying VITAMIN A & E – Conditions and moisturizes and Inhibits dandruff

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