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Brazilian Keratin Truss Professional Thermal Seal High Liss 22.88fl.oz Description

It controls the volume, promotes relaxation of the curls and reduces frizz, repairing the damages caused by chemical processes. Promotes volume reduction and treatment in one step. Nutri Sealant Technology. Reduction of volume. Reconstruction and hydration of fiber. Active: High Liss: nutrient sealant technology derived from the combination of biocompatible amino acids and ‘acid nano-protein’ that allow the progressive alteration of the capillary structure. It provides nutrition, hydration, combability, shine and natural movement to the hair. Decreases and controls volume, reduces frizz. Polisil: highly conditioning active that easily adheres to damaged hair strands. Promotes definition of curls, hydration, frizz reduction, superior gloss without oiliness, volume reduction, softness and helps in thermal protection. Amisil: conditioning agent formed by amino and silicone. It promotes thermal protection, better plank slippage, reduced volume and frizz, intense luster without oiliness, softness and thermal protection. Promotes the redefinition of the curls and reduction of volume in ethnic hair, keeping the wires loose and soft, without cumulative effect. Nano Repair: Microparticles that deposit evenly on the hair, with high content of amine (positive) fillers, form protective film, promoting frizz reduction, color protection, internal glow, silky touch and intense conditioning. Soft Amid: conditioning agent. Provides combability and decreased frizz. Kerahair: protects the hair fiber from oxidative damage, providing strength, flexibility and strength. Regenerates the lipid layer of hair and protects the hair’s keratin. Minimizes fading of colored wires. Moisturizing Agents: Provide greater suppleness, softness, hydration and shine. Blend of Miracle Oils: recover damage to the wires. It replenishes protein amino acids and lipids, which increase elasticity and resistan

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