Brazilian Keratin Soft Liss Gold Maya 8oz.


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Brazilian Keratin Soft Liss Gold Maya 8oz. Description

Soft Liss Gold Maya Brazilian Kerati is a correction system and re-lined capillary hair for all hair types. A combination of 3 acidic protein, keratin, silk and collagen, 17 essential amino acids, Gold Plant (jojoba), and extract powder 24 Karat Gold cosmetic. This powerful treatment is able to transform, nourish and strengthen hair from root to tip. The properties of its ingredients, including gold dust, combats the effects of premature aging of the hair while the hair fiber lines immediately with visible results considerably: straight hair, healthy, new, shiny, frizz free, no porosity with sealed ends.Gold has moisturizing properties and antioxidants, antibacterial and purifying silver, pearls and diamonds regenerating scrub. These gems now more than ever, at the service of cosmetics.STEP 1 – Soft Liss Deep Cleaning Shampoo = The constant use of conditioners, dyes, toners, and the harmful effects of pollution and other external agents such as the sun, wind, dust and smoke can leave your hair feeling heavy and dull. The Soft Liss Deep Cleaning Shampoo completely removes the residues that block the natural growth of your hair. STEP 2 – Soft LIss Gold Maya KeratinSTEP 3 Soft-Liss Mask joins the strength of silicone milk and amino acids to promote fast acting and prolong the straightness of your hair. The mask leaves the hair feeling strong, flexible, silky and with brilliant shine. Instructions Wait 60 minutes after the application and rinse with cold water. DO NOT exceed this time since the seal should be made before the hair contains impurities. With a towel, remove the remaining moisture. Apply Soft-Liss Step 3 Nurturing Mask. Untangle with your hands while massaging the hair. Allow the mask 15 minutes to act. Rinse again with cold water only and that’s it, just do a quick blow-dry and flat iron. Now, enjoy your hair that is more than straight or curly, but hydrated and reconstructed with life. TOUCH-UPS SHOULD BE DONE THROUGHOUT ALL THE HAIR

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